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Adopting Bamboo as a material for your home or office says something about you and your lifestyle. Whether you envision something exotic or modern, bamboo can fit comfortably in your design scheme.

You can choose to decorate your house fully with bamboo or select a room for a bamboo theme or use themed bamboo accent pieces. Bamboo is versatile and you can go from flooring to rugs to mats to pots to lamps to cutting boards and even bamboo towels and clothing yourself in luxurious bamboo rayon fabrics.

The place to start is with bamboo outside your house. Have a drive way? How about lining it with our organic shaped bamboo pots and a bamboo lamp on your front door.

The foyer is the first impression. It is also the prologue for the rest of house and will give guests a sense of the style and personalities of the people who live or work there. It is a terrific opportunity to make a statement about who you are and what your house or your office is like so you have to make it count. Have a look at our pots. Or our simply exotic vases. Or let our lacquered plate or bowl be an inspirational piece.

Bring on the drama. Your living room can be stylish and welcoming expressions of your personality. Create a space to tell your family story or travel around the world. Or display your hobby or collection. Choose our bamboo frames to unify an eclectic collection of images.

For a more casual look thats easy to update overtime, prop framed photographs of different sizes on wall-mounted ledges or along the mantel. Let the frames overlap slightly, and intersperse the photographs with decorative objects such as candles, vases or books, which puts the focus on the arrangement as a whole rather than on any one photo. 

Use a corner of your living room for cluster or a single hanging basket. Our exquisite vases are another intriguing idea. In a perfect world, our homes would be filled with fresh flowers and plants and gourmet dinners would be served by candlelight every night of the week. That`s hardly the reality for most of us but the fresh flowers and plants may be the more attainable. Place them in our vases and voila you have transformed your home. Now how about your office? Our vases and lacquered plates and bowls can be just as effective in your waiting area or even decorate your cabin.

Getting back to our frames theme. Your framed space can be in your family room or bedroom as well. Even a single frame of your loved one or a special occasion can bring that warmth to a dressing table or personalise your office desk. And at the same time add that little panache of bamboo.

What next? Its the Bamboo floor show...install Bamboo flooring. Entire room can be natural bamboo or have the warm tone of carbonised bamboo flooring. Or create a small bamboo flooring area as a focal point. If a floor change is not possible, then have a beautiful bamboo rug in front of your door and layer it on top of your flooring if that`s the only option.

Did we forget tableware? Salad bowls, cheese plates, mats in sunny yellow, natural hues, reds, greens in all shapes....we have them. You just cannot go wrong with bamboos natural grains and multi-colours. Even our dish rack makes a wonderful a serving receptacle for intimate parties (this of course, we learnt from a friend). We also have bread trays for serving trays (natural, carbonized and lacquered).

Storage Units? This is a touchy subject for most because despite our best intentions, we find our bedrooms and living rooms overcrowded with clutter. However we have an exquisite solution. Our intricate bamboo baskets make excellent storage units. Display them individually or make a cluster of different sizes and abracadabra...cut out the clutter and bring in style.

Now extend this magic to your magazines and newspapers. Our magazine racks are foldable, stackable and bamboo, of course. Place them in your living room, den or waiting area of your office. They are sure to make a statement...of style and functionality.

We also have the Knick knacks for your room. Tissue boxes, Baskets, round, oval and even square, to line your living space with grace and store your little precious nothings.

Bamboo in your kitchen is both enchanting and functional. Our cutting boards (harder than maple) keep on going. Place our sealed bamboo bottles on your table top, and you are ready to decorate your kitchen with bamboo. Our folding dish racks are always comfortable in any modern kitchen. And our knife blocks keep knives smartly organized.

Oh we almost forgot the bathroom. We have bamboo bathroom sets with soap dish, toothbrush holder, vanity cannister, tumbler all neatly arranged in a bamboo tray, naturally!

For a finishing touch bring in the harmony and rhythm with our bamboo chimes. Place them in your living room or bedroom, den or reading area. It is sure to soothe your frayed nerves.

As with all creative endeavors, however, you can choose to ignore all our ideas and be your own designer. With bamboo, you cannot go wrong. 

We, of course, would love to hear your ideas and so drop us a line at


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