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Exhibitions 2010

We have survived the recession and kept our heads above the water. Our business has actually grown as customers have appreciated our products and the little moments of sparkle they bring to their lives.

Our exhibitions and growth continue in 2010.

Shop-o-holics at JOSS, Kala Ghoda - March 27

Surprises never cease. Our close knit group continues and the response from the exhibitors and customers keeps growing. What started as a pie in the sky has become a reality. The exhibtition is on . The hoardings are up. Advertisements and mailers are doing the rounds. We hope it is a resounding success for HOB as well as for all exhibitors. Don't forget to visit the exhibition.

Crescent Moon Exhibition at Hotel President - March 18

While it was early in the year but the response and sales were encouraging. Moreover, many customers promised to get back to us for Diwali Shopping.

Exhibitions 2008

Goa - November 14 and 15

We are just back from the Shringar Exhibition in Goa. Logistics are always a little difficult but the smiles of our friends in Goa more than compensated for the effort. Thank you for your yet another overwhelming response. Hope our platters, coasters, mats etc bring you joy.

Shop-o-holics at Andheri - October 13

This is one exhibition that is extremely personal and sometimes daunting. This is because of the close knit group we have formed to hold this exhibition. Last year we (cannot but feel a bit like one of the organizers) had two exhibitions. One at Marine Plaza and second at The Club. We had a bit of a disappointing sale at The Club in Andheri last year. So we were even more disappointing that it would be only at The Club this year. We gritted our teeth and hoped (and prayed). Surprise! The platters and handbags flew of the racks and before we knew we could not hold back our smiles. Hope we can continue with this group and we can put a couple of more exhibitions in the city.

Crescent Moon Exhibition at Hotel President - October 7 and 8

This is the first time we took part at this exhibition with our usual bit of skepticism and fear (will we be success or not?). The response was staggering. Sorry if the crowds seemed a bit overwhelming and we could not give our personal attention at times. We also thank our customers for coming with repeat orders after the exhibition. We are sure to be back.


We will announce the exhibitions in advance. We will of course add new products. You can also keep sending us your suggestions and ideas. Just one thing....we want to remain the small personal lifestyle "idea". So don't expect HOB sprouting at airports and malls.
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